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Cognitive developments in factories : a twofold organization

The learnings of the Foundation aim at developing the cognitive capacities of the operators via industrial activities.

This method was validated scientifically and deployed through the activity of automotive wiring. The method is based on a single organization that can also be described as twofold as it constantly marries the requirements of the Foundation's customers (quantity, quality and timelines) and the operators' needs in learning.



Learning path

The learning paths for Fundation operators are built on the following keywords : welcoming, getting improved, making autonomous.


When recruiting, three skills are controlled as a test for optimal dedicated learning activity : 

EN Schema test

These test also enable to listing the specific qualities of the candidates character : anxious or relaxed, with the need to either being encouraged or receivng strict orders, the need of a well-structured job, quick understanding, tendancy of over-performance, trouble in speech, hearing or eyesight, and so forth.

A leraning path will be definied from these initial tests, taking into account different types of jobs.

Each step will be evaluated using visual validation means and comments for defining the next learning steps.


Getting improved

The complexity and the diversity of the bundles provide the possibility to breaking down into subgroups in order to facilitate the gradual progression for each of them, also taking into account the possible problems encountered. The image below provides the association between the skills developed and the different actions and steps when assembling an electrical bundle.

EN schema wiring

In addition to these skills, the operator develops additional skills in observation, concentration, and mastery of the gesture, the touche and the gripping.


Making autonomous

Operators are trained for several types f jobs and therefore become multi-skilled operatirs.

The purpose of the different learnings is to train operators who are in capacity to adapt to new jobs and therefore can work in enternal companies, whatever the type of jobs that will proposed to them.


Multi-skills & AMIPI - Bernard VENDRE Foundation
Examples of activities Examples of developped skills

Wharehouse staff

Computer input of the components into storage

Computer procedureing of the orders

Secure usage of the handling devices

Organization in the space


Positionning one's body


Detection and analysis oh the defects

Computer management of the defects

Compliance with the quality procedures




Decision making

Manufacturing Line Assistant

Defects proceduring

Using tools for tool de-installation

Analysis outstanding produced elements

Visual memory


Using computer tools